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Yelp Review

In stark contrast to the lousy experience I had with a competitor (hi there OpticsFast), The Frame Mender did a fantastic job repairing a pair of eyeglasses. I used their website to send a picture of the broken glasses and, within a couple of hours, heard back that they could do the repair for $45. I sent them in on a Tuesday and was advised by Thursday that they were repaired and on their way back. Had it not been for Hurricane Mitchell delaying coast-to-coast mail, I’d have gotten my repaired glasses back within a week of first contact including round trip shipping west to east coast. I couldn’t have hoped for better service or turnaround and the glasses repair is invisible to my eyes.

Great job!

Rocky D.
Sebastopol, CA
1 friend
11 reviews

Good Morning,

I just wanted to send a note and thank you for the excellent work and the speedy return of the Russian made eye glasses that my Russian wife wears. Your service was excellent from the start to the finish return of the glasses. I had asked for only one hinge to be repaired and not only did you repair that but it appears on your own behave you also replaced the broken nose supports. Thank you, you do not know how much this kind of service means to my wife and I. Had you not been able to repair these we would have had to send them all the way back to Russia. These are her favorite glasses. Again many thanks and I will surely be recommending your company to any of my other friend.

Merry Christmas,
Ron and Olga Gillespie

The right bow broke off my glasses and I was told nothing could be done — I needed a new pair of glasses, frames and lenses. I was looking at a very big bill and a two week wait for the new glasses. Then, to my rescue, I learned about The Frame Mender from Apex Optical at Montgomery Mall. Presto, I had my glasses back in 20 minutes fixed and with a lifetime guarantee. It does not get better than that!

-Bob DuPont

My name is Karol Prochotsky. After i broke my expensive sun glasses about a year ago, I went to my eye doctor’s glasses shop and ask to repair. They couldn’t do it and recommend me to Frame Mender in Rockville, MD. They repaired and make me very happy that I didn’t have to buy new one. I did it again three months ago and experienced same pleasant story. Third time my frame on different place broke again. I went to store and to my surprise they didn’t charge me for it. Really nice. I will not only recommend to everybody this place, because they can fix anything, but I will not go to any other place even if I will be out of country. They are doing great work make me feel comfortable, if something happened to any of my reading or sun glasses I don’t have to be worry at all.

-Karol Prochotsky

“We will take care of you!”

This is not only slogan, but they really mean it. Four time visit so far and pay only for first two, even last two times glasses break in different areas. I feel that this place is like a bank, if you make deposit you can continue withdrawing until you have money in your account. In this case, if you start with them “they will take care of you” and you don’t have to be worry about additional expenses. Best repairing glasses place in this area. “It’s not your fault Mr. P. It’s material.”

-Karol Prochotsky

The Frame Mender is remarkable, your work is top notch. I have read the praises of others and I cannot agree more. I don’t know how you are able to do such precise repair work, but the outcome is as near to original as I could expect. My frame looks great with absolutely no discoloration. You must also be a magician. I could not be more pleased with your work. Keep it up, you are an artist.

-Luther T.
Gaithersburg, MD

My K St. optician is always quick to tell me that a frame is destroyed beyond repair and recommending I purchase a new pair. Furthermore, my best frames are a few years old and support from the manufacturer is always non-existent. I have invested in high end frames and as such am never willing to simply toss them in the rubbish.

A colleague suggested frame mender and I took a frame that had been written off by both the optician that sold them to me and the manufacturer – Gucci. The Rockville location was clean, efficient, knowledgeable and very professional. I was given a thorough breakdown of the damage to the frame and they took the time to explain the kind of repairs the frame would require. The same day service is well worth it if you require a speedy turnaround – mine were ready in 2 hours!

When compared to the purchase price of a replacement pair, The Frame mender basically saved me about 80% off the cost of a new pair. In return I received my old pair back in “like new” condition . The math is compelling! I will not argue that there cheaper alternatives out there. However, my purchasing is influenced by quality of the work. I have yet to find an alternative to the quality of The Frame Menders workmanship … backed by a lifetime guarantee.

3 Frames and 2 years later I can continue to support The Washingtonian Magazines Endorsement as “Best Eyeglass Frame Repair Shop”. If the Rockville location is convenient to you, check out the before and after condition of an original pair of sunglasses worn by JFK and passionately restored by The Frame Mender

-Edmundian C.
Beverly Hills, CA

“I went to 3 places to get my glasses repaired before Frame Mender: My Eye Dr in Clarendon, who waved me away dismissively saying it was impossible to fix my Chanels but they would be willing to sell me new ones (don’t even get me started on that place); a jewelry store that said there was nothing they could do; and an eye doctor on K street who was very nice, and explained to me that because my glasses were bought in Switzerland they would not be able to order the parts, and that the best they could do would be to solder them together and they would not close. They told me to try Frame Mender first.

I heart Frame Mender! The man told me he could fix my glasses in ten minutes while I waited – no parts, no ordering, no fuss – and they now work perfectly. He was so nice, so considerate, so professional, and he’s also extremely handsome, just fyi. I joined yelp just so I could review this place. Highly recommended for eyeglass frame repair!

-Emily G (Washington, DC)

“Can’t say “thank you” enough to Brian at Frame Menders. The nose piece of the Chanel glasses I wear every day broke off over the weekend and needed to be soldered. I was told by three optical shops that they were not repairable (ie: why don’t you buy another pair of $700 frames?). Fortunately, I didn’t listen to them and found Frame Menders on the Internet. Took my glasses in this morning. In 20 minutes my “unrepairable” frames were BETTER than new. Brian even brought them to my car in front of the building ! Great place, customer service, and quality.”

-Scott W (Washington, DC)

The Frame Mender in Rockville, MD is a master artisan. I still can not believe that he was able to restore my stepped on titanium frames to such a perfect looking looking pair of eyeglasses. I actually sat and waited in their shop while they instantly put my frame back together (it was in three pieces). Thank you again Mr. Frame mender. I am a very, very satisfied customer.

l g., Washington, DC

My glasses were cracked in two, and Lenscrafters told me that I’d have to buy a new pair. Not only did Frame Mender put them back together in 20 minutes, they now fit better than they did when they brand new! The reputation is well-deserved.

Tia S., Takoma Park, MD

After an accident pulled one arm of my glasses out of the hinge, Costco suggested I try the Frame Mender, and gave me a card. I was pleased when I arrived to see there was a “fix while you wait” policy, as I wanted my glasses back quickly. So I left them there with an estimated fix time of one hour. I had lunch nearby and came back in 45 minutes, hoping the glasses might be ready early. They were – and they were fixed to a solid feel and adjusted to fit just right. So I give my highest rating to the Frame Mender for their professional work and the speed at which they deliver their repairs.

Richard White

Thank you for performing such a needed service at such a reasonable price.

Others told me these glasses could not be repaired. Obviously, they didn’t have the expertise you have.

Deborah L. Noble, Oakton, VA

My family has been using Frame Menders Eye Glass Repair since 1993. We have a large immediate family that lives in the neighborhood and all of us have enjoyed the convenience, friendly help and the rewarding feeling that our devastated spectacles were able to be repaired.

In my case, for several years, while picking up our baby daughter, many accidents happened. Christina would pull the glasses off my face and toss them on the ground. To try to avoid that, I began to put them in my shirt pocket before picking her up but they ended up getting crushed over and over. They would fall out of my pocket, sometimes got stepped or sat on–all the usual hazards of a typical eye glass owner.

Eventually, the abuse would caused the frames to bend and snap, the nose guard pieces were stripped off, the lenses popped out of the frames–not to mention broken hinges and unrecognizable bent configurations requiring a fresh adjustment.

I have handed Geoff a pile of broken parts and received a nearly perfect set of eye glasses back. He cannot do miracles, but his prices are very fair, service is quick, and you get back a renewed set of glasses. And if it happens again, he is always the gentleman–providing the same friendly, prompt, quality service.

Dan F., Rockville, MD