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Monday - Thursday 11a to 6p, Friday 11a to 4p, Saturday 11a to 3p

Washington DC:
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College Park, MD:
Monday and Tuesday 11a to 6p, Wednesday CLOSED, Thursday 11a to 6p, Friday 11a to 4p, Saturday 11a to 3p

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We now offer optional while-u-wait service on all of our repairs!! We know most customers cannot be without their glasses and we are here to help in a quick and efficient way.



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Our Services

The Frame Mender’s team of eyeglass frame repair experts work to satisfy customers and repair even the most “unmendable” frames. Our expertise lies in titanium, metal, and plastic eyeglass frame repair. These types of frames are the most popular on the market today. We also do gold and silver soldering on a variety of metals.

Our inventory includes both current and discontinued designer parts to serve our customers’ eyeglass frame repair needs to the best of our ability.

Building on our commitment to customer service, all repairs must pass the Frame Mender’s Quality Control Test to ensure our work meets our customers’ requirements. We are proud of the quality of work we produce and put each repair through a series of checks before we give it our seal of approval.

We are 100% confident in the work we produce and offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all repairs.

Please use the following chart as a guide when describing your repair:


Scroll down the page for repair descriptions. All pricing is done on a “by-inspection” basis.

Laser Welding Metal Frames





Wear and tear weakens solder joints, causing them to break. To mend repairs of this nature, we laser weld the frame to avoid discoloration and yield results 50 times stronger than traditional gold/silver soldering. For frames with a plastic trim near the solder point, a heat shield is used to protect and reduce the risk of burn.



Our expert team of “frame menders” can repair broken hinges quickly and easily.

Nose Pads


Nose pads help cushion glasses on the face and provide a comfortable fit on the bridge of your nose. These parts are important not only for a good fit, but they also make your glasses more comfortable for everyday wear.



Broken temples are a common repair, and we have a large selection of styles and sizes that fit most designer frames.

Screw Drill-Outs


Convert Temples to Cables


Some of the Frame Mender’s more active customers prefer a tight-fitting frame, which can easily be achieved by converting traditional “straight” temples to round cables. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who play sports, as it offers a firm fit behind the ears.